Irene Garza TMs cold case under review in Hidalgo County

A cold case is getting a fresh set of eyes.

It TMs been over 50 years and Irene Garza's killer has never been caught for her murder. The family of the McAllen beauty queen wants justice. In fact, they put up a website and released a new video due to renewed interest in the Irene Garza case.

Former Hidalgo County District Attorney Rene Guerra told Action 4 News in February of last year that the case is decades old and with fading memories and evidence, there was not enough to reopen the case.

It's why Garza's family supported Ricardo Rodriguez, the county's newly elected district attorney.

"I promised that if I got elected, that I would revisit the case and look at it, Rodriguez said. I can tell the citizens today and the family that we've done that | We TMre looking at it, and we TMre investigating even more, but up to this point that TMs all we've done on the case for Irene Garza."

Rodriguez said it TMs a team effort. He and several of his employees are working together looking at the case.

However, he explained that an older case can be more challenging because potential witnesses that may no longer be available.

We are doing everything we can on it; we are going to do the best that we can to make sure that when there is a decision on what TMs going to happen with this case that we've done the work that needs to be done to move forward or maybe not move forward," he told Action 4 News.

Rodriguez is unable to comment on possible suspects since the investigation is ongoing.

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