Juan Diego Academy students to attend Trump's inauguration

In just a few days, Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States. A group of students from Mission made the trip to Washington D.C. to experience it in person.

"I find it fascinating being able to see the transition of power unlike any other country we stand out because of it. So it's just a unique transition in parties,” said Kayla Gonzalez, a sophomore at Juan Diego Academy.

Sophomores Kayla Gonzalez, Joseph Seiba and senior Nick Villarreal are students at Juan Diego Academy in Mission. They’re currently visiting Washington D.C.

"I voted for Trump, because I liked a lot of the things that he has to say. So I'm really excited about this event and being able to witness history,” said 18-year-old Nick Villarreal, a senior at Juan Diego Academy.

"Some people say that being a kid, you can't make a difference but I've changed the mind of several eligible voters at my school which I think was important, so in a way I have influenced our election,” said Joseph Seiba, 15, a sophomore at Juan Diego Academy.

The students will be taking part in a four-day Presidential Inauguration Leadership Summit program through Envision where they will participate in discussions on topics such as diplomacy, technology, environmentalism, medicine, and education.

"I hope to learn a lot more about politics and what goes on behind the scenes and a little bit about the process of making laws,” Villarreal said.

The students will return to the Rio Grande Valley on Sunday.

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