Judge delays decision on whether a teen murder suspect should be tried as adult

A judge on Tuesday once again delayed ruling whether a teen will be tried as an adult in a Rio Grande City murder case.

A judge on Tuesday delayed ruling on whether a teen will be tried as an adult in a Rio Grande City murder case.

State and defense attorneys presented their closing arguments to Judge Romero Molina.

The court delayed ruling to take those arguments into consideration.

The teen—who also faces a tampering with physical evidence charge— is accused of helping dispose of 17-year-old Chayse Olivarez’s body by burning, dismembering and later disposing of it in plastic bags at a nearby lagoon area, as CBS 4 News previously reported.

On Tuesday, counsel representing the juvenile suspect argued that there hasn’t been any evidence presented to prove that the juvenile was directly involved in Olivarez’s murder. They also asked the court to consider the juvenile’s lack of prior criminal history.

The Starr county attorneys, however, argued that the juvenile suspect knew about the plan to lure Olivarez into a remote area to kill him. In court, they said the juvenile actively recruited the help of another suspect to help dispose of Olivarez’s body.

The state is asking the court to certify this case into criminal court where the juvenile can be tried as an adult.

Another juvenile connected to the murder of Olivarez could face a similar certification process.

Judge Molina stated he will have a decision on the transfer hearing by Thursday.

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