Judge intervenes in feud between Hidalgo councilmen

After months of waiting a Hidalgo District Judge ruled on a civil lawsuit involving three feuding councilmen.

Judge Jessie Contreras of the 449th District Court ruled to allow councilmen to vote on an agenda item that the lawsuit was preventing.

Councilman Rudy Franz put a temporary restraining order preventing the council from voting on permit request by a bussing company.

The permit if approved would have allowed the company to service the Hidalgo/Reynosa international bridge.

Franz argued that the two councilmen, Guillermo Ramirez and Gustavo Sanchez had a personal vendetta against him and sought to flood the transportation market with permits which would ultimately hurt his and other transportation businesses.

Franz owns the only bus company permitted to service the Hidalgo/Reynosa international bridge and he also owns about half of the cab permits in the city of Hidalgo.

Today Judge Contreras told Franz he could not prevent the city council from voting on an agenda item.

He said Franz TMs attorney met the burden of proof that permits would hurt the transportation market, but it was all hypothetical, since nothing has been voted on yet.

Both Ramirez and Sanchez agreed with Judge Contreras decision.

Franz told Action 4 News he will continue to stand up for the transportation businesses in Hidalgo.

He eluded that if the permit was approved by the city council he may bring another lawsuit to court.

Jerad Najvar, attorney representing both Ramirez and Sanchez said the case raised an important constitutional issue.

Not only is the entire lawsuit frivolous, but even if they had a valid case, no court has the power to disrupt the legislative process by ordering councilmen no to vote, Najvar said in a statement.

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