Jury deliberating fate of man accused of dismembering victim, burning remains on BBQ pit

Gabriel Moreno is one of three people accused of killing Jose Menchaca in September of 2014 (SBG San Antonio).

A jury is now deliberating the fate of a man accused of killing and dismembering another man and then burning his remains.

Prosecutors waived their chance to begin closing arguments on Tuesday.

Gabriel Moreno’s defense attorney, Albert Gutierrez, addressed the jury first.

Gutierrez pointed out that prosecutors only brought one charge against his client, arguing Moreno was not directly involved in the killing of Jose Menchaca.

Gutierrez pushed the blame to Moreno’s co-defendants, Daniel Lopez and Candie Dominguez.

Investigators say the murder was in response to a previous altercation involving a drug deal.

Prosecutors described the actions of Moreno and the other defendants as a cartel-style revenge murder.

Once a verdict is reached, Moreno has chosen to be sentenced by Judge Ron Rangel.

Closing arguments in the trial wrapped up around 1:40 p.m. Tuesday, and the jury then began their deliberations. If convicted, Moreno faces anywhere from 5 to 99 years or life in prison.

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