Keeping safe while shopping

The shopping frenzy might die down a bit after Christmas, but with people hitting the malls and stores to exchange gifts in the next few days, police said people should not let their guard down because if given the chance criminals will take advantage.

Parking was a challenge Christmas Eve, as shoppers flooded Sunrise Mall in Brownsville, looking for those last minute Christmas gifts.

The slew of cars creates more opportunities for thieves, Brownsville police said, who are watching shoppers' every move, hoping for them to make a careless move.

Police spokesman J.J. Trevino said this time of year is usually ranks atop the rest of the year in home and vehicle thefts.

He said if you don TMt take the proper precautions, you might never see your purchases again.

"Obvioulsy, don't leave them laying around in the vehicle where it's easily accessible or easily visible, said Trevino. More than anything you buy, whatever it is you bought and you go park somewhere to do more shopping or go eat or whatever it might be, you are susceptible to becoming a victim."

This year in order to spread the shopping safety word to as many people as possible, Chief of Police Orlando Rodriguez also posted a message on the department's Facebook page.

Brownsville Police said the best advice they can give shoppers, is simply to use common sense.

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