La Feria man wins $10,000 on cable TV's "Donut Showdown"

A La Feria man deciding on how to spend $10,000 after winning a cooking contest on a cable TV show.

Delfino Hernandez won the premiere episode of the Cooking Channel's "Donut Showdown" on Wednesday night.

Friends and family couldn't be more proud.

Corrie Hernandez could not hold back the tears.

She said no words could truly describe how she felt seeing her big brother win the showdown.

She remembers her brother always had a knack for baking.

"Pies, cakes, cookies| a little bit of everything, Hernandez said. He just loved to do new things, design ~em."

That creativity was put to use.

Delfino opened his own doughnut shop in Seattle four years ago. Frost Doughnuts it was an instant hit.

"The best selling doughnut is our bacon maple bar, Delfino said via telephone. We go through 250 pounds of bacon a week on that particular doughnut."

The La Feria native said coming from the Rio Grande Valley, he's always wanted to make it big.

He just didn TMt expect to get this much attention from making doughnuts.

"It TMs just a little doughnut shop but it TMs wow...Being on TV| on national TV and international TV in Canada is pretty awesome, Delfino said. It TMs one of those things if you put your mind to it you can get things done."

Delfino said he split the prize money with his assistant, who competed with him.

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