La Lomita Chapel wins legal battle keeping government from surveying land

    La Lomita Chapel (Source: KGBT Photo)

    A sigh of relief for leaders at the historic La Lomita Chapel. They'll be able to keep the government from surveying their land for a border wall after the chapel won the lawsuit.

    “You see it a little bit here but not very well,” said Father Roy Snipes as he pointed at La Lomita Chapel from the boat on the Rio Grande.

    Father Roy Snipes has made his stance clear against the construction of the border wall, "no wall between amigos.”

    His mission thus far has been to protect La Lomita Chapel in Mission, which until Friday was in a legal battle against the federal government.

    “It’s the first real sign of relief that we have heard of/seen thanks to the congressmen,” said Snipes.

    The spending bill signed by the President Friday included protection for La Lomita Chapel and other sensitive areas against the construction of the border wall.

    Snipes says the battle to keep the government from building the wall at his chapel was tough.

    "We are not asking you what is sacred to you, we are not asking you what you think, what you want or what you don’t want, we are putting this wall. That was pretty much the way it was, even in court," said Snipes.

    While the Chapel is protected, Snipes is worried for its neighbors that aren’t, like the Cavazos family Ranch, which the church rents for camp.

    "It seems that the fact that we lease those three acres for the church has not made a difference or any consideration," said Snipes.

    For the time being, Snipes says he can breathe a sigh of relief in the fight to keep La Lomita sacred.

    "There is always some threat to what is good and true and beautiful. There is always some threat by what is evil and hypocritical and ugly, so the struggle is never over but this is good, this is a good day," said Snipes.

    For now, the chapel is protected but that could all change depending on what the president decides to do after declaring a national emergency on the Southern border.

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