Las Milpas residents shocked over double murder

Blood still stains the pavement of Santa Monica Street in La Milpas.

This after two men, David Garcia III and Victor De La Cruz, were gunned down outside of their vehicle early Friday morning. Sandra Lira and James Baines said this is the first time they have even seen something like this happen in their neighborhood---and it has them questioning their safety.

"Our kids ride their bikes up and down these streets and if something like this happens here then what?" asked Baines.

Sandra Lira said she heard a noise but dismissed it.

I thought it was my puppy that was outside, said Lira. I never thought it was this."

The two men accused of the shooting are father and son"Eloy Alcala Sr. and Eloy Alcala Jr.

Both are expected to go before a judge and be charged with capital murder.

"Stuff like this here shouldn't just shouldn't happen," said Baines.

The suspects are expected to be arraigned sometime Friday evening.

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