Lasara couple charged with daughter's death

The small community of Lasara is in a state of shock, this following the actions of two parents.

I TMve been sheriff 24 years, said Willacy County Sheriff Larry Spence. I don TMt recall anything else along this nature where somebody TMs faith might of played a part in it."

In November, Maria de Jesus and Elias Coronado TMs daughter Amanda was dependent on an insulin pump in order to treat her diabetes.

According to Willacy County Sheriff Larry Spence, her parents removed the pump claiming their daughter had been healed by god.

She believed, I guess, the Lord had led her to believe that the young girl had been healed through her prayers and through her fasting," explained Spence.

Less than two days later, 16-year-old Amanda die leading investigators to believe her parents acted irresponsibly.

What you usually do is go back to the doctor and make sure everything is alright|you don TMt take matters into your hands," said Spence.

A month after losing their daughter, the Coronado TMs also face losing their freedom.

They were arraigned Wednesday morning and charged with manslaughter, a 3rd degree felony.

Investigators strongly believe had the pump not been removed the 16-year-old girl would still be alive.

Action 4 News went to the couple's home where a visibly upset family member told us the family is obviously very concerned.

Meanwhile, investigators said Maria de Jesus stands by her actions.

Sheriff Spence said the Coronado TMs are known to be a good family and neighbors agree telling Action 4 News this all seems out of character.

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