Lessons learned from missing people

A Weslaco family is grieving after a missing man was found dead less than 24 hours after his family last saw him.It was the third missing elderly person KGBT has reported in less than a month. While each case is unrelated, police say lessons are learned that could potentially save someone else's life.Soon after Edward Owens went missing Sunday his wife Lorraine started searching for her husband.Unfortunately, it was too late.Owens body was found a day later in an orchard about a quarter of a mile from his home."We weren't expecting to find him in the brush but that was one of our fears and unfortunately that is where we located him, Weslaco Police P.I.O., J.P. Rodriguez said.Several elderly residents in the valley have gone missing in just the past few weeks -- all of whom had some form of health issues.Weslaco Police say these incidents should bring more awareness to the community -- to keep closer watch on loved ones who may have memory loss or health issues."Anyone that knows somebody especially with medical conditions, the minute they can't find them- notify law enforcement, Rodriguez said. It's okay to notice family members but also notify us because time is essential."By allowing police to know first, the hope is more people can be out looking before more time has passed by."Time is essential when it comes to reporting someone as a missing person, Rodriguez said.Lorrain says she is very grateful for the community's help in searching for her husband.Police are still waiting on the autopsy report to learn the exact cause of death.

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