Liquor stores thriving in economic low

It's New Year's Eve, and you may be heading to your local liquor store to buy some booze, and as Holiday Wine and Liquor says, that's a major reason why they're not suffering a low in this economy.

Whether you know what you're buying or not, We TMre trying to decide whether we should buy just one sort of wine or a mixture of different types, said Karen Whipple.

Chances are you're heading to the liquor store to spice up your New Year's get together.

Sales have continued to stay strong, said Daniel Hernandez, president of Holiday Wine and Liquor.

Hernandez said while other businesses may be struggling during the economic low, his liquor stores have been thriving.

Because of the questions in the economy, they TMre not spending as much; they aren TMt going out as much. But they are entertaining at home, so consequently a lot of the sales that maybe would go to a bar or restaurant is actually coming here," said Hernandez.

He said his stores had a five percent increase during this Christmas compared to last, and in keeping with the store's name, holidays are a big one for this liquor store.

Pretty much whatever you can think of is what they TMre buying it for. Gift giving of course at this time. Lots of company parties|lots of home parties, said Hernandez.

He said during good or bad times, people still consume liquor.

And every New Year's Eve, he expects a rush of customers because he said everyone waits until the last minute, but he said he's prepared making sure no one leaves empty handed.

Hernandez said overall, sales have increased 8 percent compared to last year.

He said he thinks a lot of it has to do with people drinking more at home rather than going to Mexico to drink because of the violence and to save money from going to the bars.

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