Local furloughed employees concerned as shutdown continues

Local government employees are coming together to help out one another as the shutdown continues.

Groups of unpaid federal employees throughout the Valley have come together to offer one another a helping hand during the longest running government shutdown.

Government employees are feeling the hard impact of the shutdown within their households.

"It's going to start getting to the point where I am going to have to look at other means of getting some income," says Christine Creasy, a furloughed government employee. As the shutdown continues, more and more furloughed employees share the same thought as Creasy.

On Saturday, President Donald Trump made an announcement proposing a compromise to fund the border wall and end the shutdown. While that continues to be an ongoing discussion in Washington however, government employees, like Creasy, say their family has been severely affected. She and her husband are working, but not getting paid.

"Each of us have missed one pay check, so that's two paychecks in the family. The next time, the next one goes it'll be four paychecks that we missed," Creasy says.

Nuri Vitiello, President of the Border Patrol Agent Family Network, is visiting from Washington D.C. to show support for furloughed Border Patrol Agents and their families.

"This is a record breaking furlough for us, so we're just learning through the process just as the agency is learning. But, I think the agency has finally realized we need family programs like the military has. We need to have a place to go to," Vitiello explains.

While furloughed government employees host events to help one another, several cities, like Weslaco, Mission, McAllen and Edinburg, are delaying utility bills and waiving late fees for federal employees.

Even local restaurants are lending a helping hand too by offering meals for free or at a discount.

For now, those affected by the shutdown say they just want to see the government reach an agreement soon.

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