Local high school club brings awareness to teen depression

As teen depression rises, one local high school is making sure their students are not part of the problem.

With an increase in teen depression, one local high school is making sure their students are not part of the problem.

Students at Harlingen South High School have started a club where anyone can come together to spread happiness and escape depression.

They call it “Friends of Rachel”, named after Rachel Scott who was killed in the Columbine High School shooting.

The club just launched at the Harlingen school a month ago and is already making a positive impact on students.

"Kindness and compassion-- that's the number one thing that Rachel's Challenge and Friends of Rachel promotes," said Anell McDaniel, a junior at Harlingen South High School." I really do appreciate this club because it's helped me go out of my way to help those who are around me, say hello to someone smile, use kind words, anything I can do to bring happiness to someone else."

According to a study by the University of Houston, social media is linked to depression and suicide among teens.

Alexander Castillo says being a teen can be tough when everything is posted on social media.

"It can be sad because due to the fact people are putting themselves online, they let other people judge them based on how many likes they get, or how many comments they get, good or bad-- it affects their personality and how they will continue on, that day, month, week, year," Castillo said.

"I believe that at South, due to this club and the people and our initiative that we're starting here, is helping us become a family," Castillo added.

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