Local jails confirm mumps outbreak among inmates

The Lopez State Jail and the Willacy County State Jail have confirmed cases of mumps among its inmates.

Two local jails have confirmed positive cases of mumps among its inmates.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice has confirmed 10 inmates from the Lopez State Jail in Edinburg have tested positive for mumps. Those inmates who have been confirmed with the disease have been placed in isolation cells.

Two housing units within the jail, which contain 92 inmates, are under medical restrictions due to potential exposure to the disease. These inmates will be monitored for 25 days, are being kept in their housing area, and their movement has been restricted, according to TDCJ. Visitation rights have also been restricted for inmates within the two housing units.

It’s still unclear how the outbreak started.

“What you see within correctional facilities is often times when you have a disease that may be out in the free world that offenders will get exposed to that, and then come within the correctional facilities,” said Texas Department of Criminal Justice spokesman Jason Clark.

The disease is easily spread through prolonged contact with an infected individual, and its primary mode of transmission is through water droplets. Clark said they are frequently cleaning all cells to contain the disease.

The Willacy County State Jail confirmed 24 inmates have tested positive for mumps, and 330 inmates are under medical restrictions.

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