Local leaders refer to Trump visit as more of a photo opportunity.

Local leaders wish President Trump would have been more open to discussion in regards to border security.

Local Leaders say they wish the President would have spent more time listening to people who live in the Valley.

McAllen Mayor Jim Darling was one of the few to greet the President as he stepped off the plane when he arrived in the Valley.

"It was interesting to see all the secret service and everything, and then we went over to the Border Patrol station on Military Highway," said Mayor Darling.

The President’s visit was brief, so brief, Mayor Darling was not able to discuss how life along the border truly is, saying he didn’t get to discuss much.

“I think he tweeted today that it was worse than he thought so I don’t know what he saw to say that,” said Darling.

Hidalgo County Judge Richard Cortez, says his visit was a photo opportunity, not getting to talk to those who live here.

"It didn’t appear to me that he came here to get any new facts, he had already made up his mind," said Judge Cortez.

Not even Congressman Vicente Gonzalez was invited to his home district, instead joining Congressman Joaquin Castro on Facebook live talking about life on the border.

"75% of un-documented crossings are asylum seekers, that will continue whether there is a wall or not," stated Gonzalez on the Facebook live stream.

Many local leaders were able to voice their concerns at a roundtable discussion on Thursday with Senator Cornyn and Cruz.

"One Mayor said, look we have a landmark, the mission. Our city, Mission, is named after that landmark which is the church, if you put a fence, the church is going to be on the other side of the fence,” said judge Cortez.

Cortez says the President's mind is already made up about building a wall.

"That talk would go very well with us, but that is not the talk that we get. The talk that we get is we are going to it regardless," stated Cortez on the phone.

One thing Mayor Darling said was different than previous talks by the President was what that $5.7 Billon would entail.

“Part of the $5 billion, would go to health facilities for when the people seeking asylum would come across, especially the children, there would be health facilities to take care of them," said Darling.

Regardless of the President’s agenda, Mayor Darling says we need to talk beyond the wall, "You are either for or against the wall, and that is it, and that is the unhealthy thing that has happened in our country."

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