Local mother opens up after son killed in Brownsville crash

A local mother is breaking her silence— nearly two months after her son was killed in a Brownsville crash.

Just two months after a fatal crash ended the life of 19-year-old Abel Michael Rose, his mother, Amelia Montes, is breaking her silence.

On June 13, Rose was killed in a car crash on Boca Chica Boulevard in Brownsville— just two days after his high school graduation. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

"At one moment we were cheering in his graduation receiving the diploma, and on the 13th we were doing funeral arrangements," Montes said. "It's really hard."

Police say Rose was at a red light when a white Chevy Malibu crashed into him. The driver of the Chevy was 25-year-old Samuel Trejo Jr., who police say was driving drunk.

On Wednesday, Trejo was indicted by a Cameron County grand jury on charges of intoxication manslaughter. While the judicial system is working to bring justice, Amelia Montes says it still doesn't bring her son back.

Montes says her family and God has helped her get by this difficult time and has a few words for Trejo:

"I forgive him and I left all my problems in God's hands. Whatever happens, it's not going to bring me joy," Montes said.

Montes says she hopes this serves as a lesson learned to the public when it comes to drinking and driving.

Trejo is currently being held on a $600,000 bond.

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