Lockdown lifted at IDEA Pharr campus

(Source: Cropped Photo: Clemens v. Vogelsang / CC BY 2.0)

The IDEA Pharr campus was briefly put on lockdown on Friday as police worked an active scene nearby.

The lockdown has since been lifted, school officials say.

It's unclear what, exactly, Pharr police were investigating.

School officials say students and staff are safe and accounted for, adding that the school went on lockdown as a precaution as per the city of Pharr.

Classes are resuming as normal.

Read the full statement from the district:

“This morning there was reported police activity near the IDEA Pharr campus. As a precaution, the campus went on lockdown as per the City of Pharr. All students and staff are safe and accounted for and school instruction is continuing as normal.”
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