Longtime employee arrested after embezzling for three years on the job

    Longtime employee arrested after embezzling for three years on the job (Source CBS 4 News)

    Shock and betrayal are the first words that the owner of Raul's Income Tax business in Rio Grande City has used after he uncovered one of his most trusted employee's was stealing from him for more than three years.

    "She did confess to stealing anything that came in daily, like all of it," said Raul Perez, the owner of Raul's Income Tax about his long-time manager, Dalia Araceli Reyna-Arechar.

    Perez hired Arechar back in 2012, and in 2014 she started noticing problems with missing money.

    "She was like my right hand," Perez said, "I noticed receipts were not making sense and we just came out and asked her if she was stealing and she said yes we asked her how much are you stealing and she said whatever comes in a day, if $80 comes in then I'll take that amount."

    Even after Arechar confessed to pocketing the business's profit, Raul says because they worked together for five years, he let her keep her job if the theft stopped.

    "I said don't let it happen again, I gave her another chance, I believe in second chances," Arechar said.

    But she stole again.

    "Then again she admitted it the second time," Perez said.

    And again.

    That's when Raul said enough and called the Rio Grande City Police.

    "After going through surveillance videos, receipts, he put together a case for us," said Jose Solis, Asst. Chief of Police for Rio Grande City.

    "We saw the video of her putting money in her pockets," Solis said.

    Arechar was charged with a value of theft between $2,500 and $29,999,99.

    Arechar was released the same day after posting a PR bond in the amount of $1,500.

    "She said that it must've been around $3,800 dollars, but I said that's not how much you stole, it was way more than that," Perez said. "It'll be hard to tell because it was cash and that's what she was in charge of."

    Police say the money was stolen from the business, not from clients or their income tax.

    "No client was actually affected by this other than the owners," Solis said.

    Asst. Chief Solis said, no client information was tainted, and all of the the customers' money is accounted for.

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