Los Fresnos fire and EMS moving into bigger facility

    The Los Fresnos Fire Department's new 32,000 sq. ft. facility is expected to open next Friday.

    Ricardo Muñiz in Los Fresnos was returning home when he noticed smoke coming out from under his front door in early September.

    “I got here and I went in there and I checked where the fire was and it was in the room," Muñiz said.

    The Los Fresnos Fire Department was called and what turned out to be a mattress fire was quickly put out.

    Whether it’s a fire out on the ranch or an accident on the expressway, the volunteer fire and ambulance service in Los Fresnos is ready to jump into action. But the department has begun to outgrow its space.

    "Where the station's at now, we've been there 30 years – we've outgrown it," said Los Fresnos Fire Chief and EMS Director Gene Daniels.

    With construction starting last year in September, the final touches were being put in place this week. The new 32,000 sq. ft. facility is expected to open next Friday.

    At a cost of $1.6 million, the new fire house will include more space to house fire equipment and ambulances.

    At the old fire house, some equipment had to be kept outside.

    Although the city of Los Fresnos is a nonprofit organization, it does contract its services to many communities in eastern Cameron County.

    "There’s no payroll, so everything we get through contracts, we put into equipment and buildings like this," Daniels said.

    Before building the new fire station, the Los Fresnos fire and EMS department purchased 10 acres of land two years ago for $200,000. They plan on using that land to build a training facility.

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