Los Fresnos student stabbed on school bus

At the bus the big girl went like this to him, the boy TMs sister said as she made a motion towards her leg. Like this- real hard." Stephanie Montiel said she was very sad after her 16 year-old brother Andrew Montiel came home with a bloody and cut leg.

Their mother Gloria Montiel said her son come home from school last week with blood on his pants claiming he'd been stabbed by a student on the bus ride home.

I saw my son's pants drenched in blood I took him to the hospital and he had to get four stitches," Montiel said.

Montiel said Los Fresnos school district police collected her son's pants and took pictures of his wound to launch an investigation.

However, she has not been given any answers as to why or how the attack happened. She said her son, who suffers from a learning and speech disability, doesn't want to talk about the incident because he's scared of more attacks. All she knows, she said, is that he was attacked by a female student that attends Resaca Middle School.

"It's the school district's responsibility to punish the person responsible for doing this to my son, Montiel said. Students shouldn't be taking knives or sharp objects to school." Action 4 has filed a Freedom of Information request with the Los Fresnos school district for the bus cam video on the day of the alleged attack.

The district spokesperson said they will likely not release that video and are working on a statement. They refused to give an on camera interview, but said since the day of the incident, the two students involved have not been on the same bus. Montiel also blames the accused student's parents for not taking responsibility for the alleged stabbing.

"When they hurt your children you want to protect them like a lioness - no one want to see their child hurt, Montiel said.

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