Los Fresnos teen recovers from SPI hit-and-run accident

Secilia Leija, 20, is recovering from a hit-and-run accident that occurred during Spring Break on South Padre Island.

Secilia Leija is speaking out for the first time about her road to recovery.

"Everything's a little bit hazy, but I'm trying to remember little by little," Leija said.

The 20-year-old doesn't remember the night she and her friends were struck by a car during spring break on South Padre Island.

It's a nightmare Leija’s mother can't shake.

"When they got her she was unresponsive,” said Leija's mother Elida Evans. “No pulse, unresponsive and they had to bring her back.”

Leija’s friend, 19-year-old Maria Patino, was also struck during the hit-and-run accident. Patino died two days later.

"Like I lost the one person who believed in me,” said Leija. “The one who always had my back. The one I trusted with everything. I feel like I lost a part of me. I lost someone close to me."

Leija is mourning the loss of Maria while trying to regain basic motor skills on her own.

"I can't fix myself," said Leija. "I can't walk. So, I feel like I'm not worth anything anymore."

To get her strength back, Leija does daily physical therapy at home with her mother.

Leija said her main priority is to try to get better, so she can walk again. Doctors estimated it will take three to six months.

Since the accident, the city of South Padre Island has spent over $30,000 in barriers to prevent what happened to Secilia and Maria, to happen to someone else.

Secilia's mother said it should have happened sooner.

"You know and it's good, but it's kind of late," Evans said. "I think it should have been done a long time ago."

Daisy Joy Decker of Sugarland has been charged with multiple counts of accident involving personal injury in connection with the hit-and-run accident.

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