Man alleges rights violated at Border Patrol checkpoint

Border Patrol Agents

Nancy Morales screams hysterically and keeps her camera rolling as Brownsville Police haul away her boyfriend Oscar Omar Figueredo in cuffs, from the Brownsville/South Padre Island International Airport Tuesday.

The man is charged with failure to identify, obstructing a passageway and resisting transportation.

Morales was also arrested and charged with obstructing the duties of a peace officer.

"Apparently, these individuals got to the checkpoint where the federal agents are stationed, they refused to answer questions and ultimately because they refused, they were not allowed to go past that particular section," Inv. J.J. Trevio said.

However, this is not the first time someone refuses to answer questions from U.S. Border Patrol agents and catches it on camera. Many videos have surfaced on Youtube.

Action 4 News found one shot at the Falfurrias checkpoint.

The agents asks a man to park in the secondary inspection area. When the man asks why he is being sent to a secondary inspection, the agent asks, are you a lawyer or what?

Why am I being inspected? the man asked. I had the same problem last week."

After the man identifies himself as a U.S. Citizen born in Waco and shows his social security card, he is let go without further inspection.

This was also the case seen in another video shot near a checkpoint on I-19 in Arizona. A man refuses to let agents search his trunk and is sent to a secondary inspection, while his camera rolls.

"Do you have anything in the trunk? and agent asked.

No sir, the man replied.

Do you mind if look? asked the agent. I do mind, replied the man.

An agent is heard in the background asking the inspecting agents, "do you have anything else on him?"

After a quick no, the agents give him the go ahead.

Back in Brownsville, Figueredo and Morales, both U.S. Citizens are now consulting with an attorney.

Rio Grande Valley Sector Operations Supervisor Enrique Mendiola, Jr. said in a statement, While an individual is not legally required to answer the questions, ~are you a U.S. citizen and/or where are you headed, TM they will not be allowed to proceed until the inspecting agent is satisfied that the person being questioned is legally present in the U.S.

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