Matamoros residents sift through damage from Friday's battles

Slain Gulf Cartel leader Antonio Ezquiel Cardenas-Guillen

Matamoros residents spent the weekend cleaning up the damage from eight hours of combat on Friday.

Bullet holes, damaged cars, bombed out buildings and bloodstains were found throughout the city.

The Friday shootouts paralyzed the city. Officials says ten people were killed in the violence.

Drug traffickers set up blockades to slow down authorities but in the it wasn't enough to save Gulf Cartel Leader Antonio Ezequiel Cardenas-Guillen.

The cartel leader, who went by the nickname Tony Tormenta, reportedly made his last stand in downtown Matamoros where the damage was still apparent over the weekend.

A heavily-damaged post office building in downtown Matamoros drew hundreds of onlookers over the weekend.

Dozens of residents turned to YouTube and Twitter to share images and videos of the damage.

One YouTube video was made by two people driving around town taking a tour of the damage.

The video shows damaged cars and damaged buildings with many parts of downtown Matamoros look more like Bagdad.

No official estimates but the video easily shows tens of thousands of dollars in damage.

Those without insurance will more than likely have to pay for the damages out of their pockets.

Officials say Cardenas-Guillen, four of his gunmen, three Marines, one soldier and one reporter are among the dead.

Funeral servies for El Expreso reporter Carlos Alberto Guajardo-Romero were held late Saturday afternoon.

He was buried at the Panteon Jardin in Matmoros.

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