Mayor Martinez envisions Brownsville's rightful place at State of the City

    Mayor Martinez envisions Brownsville's rightful place at State of the City. (Source CBS 4 News)

    Brownsville Mayor Tony Martinez addressed the public during his state of the city address and offered a look towards the future.

    He wants Brownsville to, ”take its rightful place as the leader of the RGV."

    "It truly is an exciting time to be Brownsville," said Michael Limas, Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation Chairman.

    "Watch Brownsville soar," was the title for this year’s State of the City address.

    For Martinez, his speech was about highlighting what's happened and what will happen.

    "I envision a city of Brownsville with so much capability, with so much potential, with so many opportunities," Martinez said.

    With new additions the city's administration, like City Manager Noel Bernal, it brings a strong foundation for the future.

    "This is the future of Brownsville," Martinez said. "This is the leader of the Brownsville area."

    New city infrastructure, like the $45 million passenger terminal at Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport, Martinez called it significant for every Brownsville resident.

    "Which means you're building a brand new airport for $45 million with no property tax," he said.

    Martinez explained how SpaceX plays a part in opportunities for Brownsville. Like the Stargate program at UTRGV, a division of the astrophysics department.

    Martinez said the students of the Stargate program are the future of astrophysics.

    "That they will monitor all the satellites in the universe and she says, 'alright let’s see if you can get that done.'"

    The mayor explains that many pieces, including Stargate, had to come in place before SpaceX would come here.

    "Four years later, I told you, 'I think you do believe in Brownsville, now you have to be Brownsville," Martinez said.

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