McAllen ISD staff member refutes audit findings during hearing

(Source: KGBT Photo)

On Monday, a staff member of McAllen Independent School District (ISD) fired back at allegations that he made inappropriate use of school funds and technology.

During a grievance hearing held before the McAllen Board of Trustees, Patricio “Pat” Karr, Jr., Department of Technology Director for Network Services and Support, read a presentation verbatim which refuted the observations made in an audit report.

The report, first made public by an independent reporter and published in The Progress Times, made observations that Karr allegedly created rules within the district email system to receive notifications of data, including the names of certain employees and student information. The audit also alleges that Karr made “unnecessary purchases,” totaling more than $10,000.

Karr refuted the allegations during Monday’s grievance hearing, stating that the auditor of that report acted in a “biased manner” and in retaliation against him.

The board of trustees took no action following the grievance hearing, but a board member stated they would issue a formal response within 10 working days.

If the board of trustees does not concur with Karr, the hearing will proceed to a level three hearing which would involve the entire school board, said Karr.

Karr remains employed at McAllen ISD.

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