McAllen mayor declares state of emergency

Due to extremely heavy rain fall, City of McAllen Mayor, Jim Darling declared a local state of emergency on Thursday.

Due to extremely heavy rain fall, McAllen Mayor Jim Darling declared a local state of emergency on Thursday.

Although the city of McAllen had all available personnel out in the community assisting those in need, they realized the downpour was more than they anticipated and turned to emergency operations.

"When we reach a point that operations exceed our normal operations and go into emergency mode where we may need assistance from other agencies," explained McAllen's Emergency Management Coordinator, Kevin Pagan. "Then I would usually get in touch with the mayor and ask for him to make that statement and that's what happened this morning."

There were also McAllen residents, like Jorge Salem, who was overwhelmed with the condition of his neighborhood as he has never seen anything like it in the 12 years that he has been living in the area.

"When is this water going to go out?" asked Salem. "I mean this is terrible."

While Salem felt the city did enough to prepare residents for the storm, there were others, like Orlando Valdez, who said he lost all his belongings and furniture due to the flooding and received no warning.

Although the rain has stopped, Pagan encourages people to avoid standing water and be very cautious as it is difficult to determine how deep the water is.

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