McAllen organization working to keep city clean

An organization inMcAllen is working towards a cleaner city andis hoping to get some help from the community.

An organization in McAllen is working towards a cleaner city and is hoping to get some help from the community.

Keep McAllen Beautiful's'Project Clean Neighborhoods' program allows city residents to apply for a clean-up once a year — all at no cost.

The organization will place a container in the neighborhood that requested it, which gives people in that area a chance to get rid of any trash or debris on their own.

When they placed a dumpster outside Aurora Gonzales' home, she was more than happy to take advantage of it.

“When they first said where they were going to put it and they asked me, I said ‘Oh! Yes, put it right here!’ That way I don’t have to go find a way to throw my things," Gonzales said.

Gonzalez says a few years back, she got a letter that the container would be placed there and ever since, she's called and asked it for through 'Project Clean Neighborhoods.'

"It comes in handy because they don’t let us put so much things in the trash can and then we pile up things in the sheds or in the garage so this is easier," said Gonzalez.

Keep McAllen Beautiful Program Coordinator Chris Lash says it gives McAllen residents the chance to get rid of items that might otherwise end up on the streets of McAllen.

"You might have a mattress, you might have a dresser a fridge, an old stove, that you don’t know how to dispose of and so this gives you an opportunity to have a container in your neighborhood to use it to dispose of these items," Lash says.

Lash says the organization does three or four clean-ups a month.

"It has made quite a difference in some neighborhoods because, again, it just prevents you from having that accumulation and it’s an easy way to just clean it up and make everything look pretty," said Lash.

Keep McAllen Beautiful encourages residents across the city to apply for 'Project Clean Neighborhoods.' Fifteen of your neighbors must participate to qualify for a container.

The organization hopes to put an end to illegal dumping in the city with this initiative.

The city reminds residents that they can also get rid of any bulky items for free at the Recycling Center with just a show of I.D.

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