Med-Care EMS to remain open despite having filed for bankruptcy

    A well-known ambulance service in the Upper Valley wants residents to know that their services will continue despite having filed for bankruptcy.

    "A lot of people get scared when they hear the word bankruptcy," says Reynaldo Ortiz, Med-Care EMS' attorney.

    Med-Care EMS filed for bankruptcy as 2018 came to an end.

    "It's really a reorganization of debts, but under the federal law you have to file it in bankruptcy court," Ortiz says.

    The lead ambulance service provides care to cities across the Valley like McAllen and Mission, and the business' attorney says that will remain the case.

    "There's no interruption of services, the quality of service and the things that we do has stayed the same. Matter of fact, they've gotten better - and we're adding more cities to the program," he adds.

    Ortiz says that the reorganization of debt comes after the death of their president and CEO, Candelario Ontiveros.

    "He left his widow, Ronnie Ontiveros, in charge, she's the new president new CEO and she's doing a fantastic job, she hasn't missed a beat," he says.

    Ortiz wants to end any rumors about Med-Care closing its doors.

    "Sometimes when you have a transition period, like we're going through, sometimes competitors or other businesses will start spreading false rumors that the companies going bankrupt or that the companies closing its doors and none of that's true - it's just part of the business world," Ortiz explains.

    The ambulance service has plans to expand too, and ensure residents that they'll have the care they need if there's an emergency.

    "La Joya is our recent one, and we're looking at other cities that have contacted us as well to provide those services to them," Ortiz says. "It's business as usual."

    Ortiz adds that the business has been in contact with city mayors that contract Med-Care EMS so that they know services will remain the same.

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