Mexican officials investigating crime scene where 24 bodies were found

Number of bodies found in north Mexico increases to 24 as investigation continues

Mexican authorities are investigating a battle between two suspected drug cartels near Miguel Aleman, near the city of Roma.

It was first reported that 21 bodies were found at the scene but according to Ivan Moyle, a spokesperson with the Tamaulipas Attorney General of Justice’s office, 24 bodies were counted at the scene.

Officials say that on Wednesday morning, they found seven burnt pick-up trucks and 24 bodies- many of which were burned.

The incident appeared to have been a battle between rival gangs- gunmen from the Gulf Cartel fighting with members of the Northeast Cartel, a splinter group from the Zetas.

Maria Nathalia Saenz Elias, spokesperson for the Mexican Federal Attorney Genral’s Office in Tamaulipas, says federal authorities are investigating the scene.

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