Mexico's census reveals mixed numbers for Tamaulipas border

Population figures are out for the 2010 Census in Mexico.

Tamaulipas had 3,268,554 people in 2010 and has now becomes the 13th populous state south of the border.

Back in the 2000 census, Tamaulipas had 2,753,222 people.

This means the population in the state rose by 515,332 people in the past 10 years.

Here are the 2010 population figures for Municipios across from the RGV.

City 2010 2000 Difference Camargo 14,933 16,787 -1,854 Diaz Ordaz 15,775 16,246 -471 Guerrero 4,477 4,366 +111 Matamoros 489,193 418,141 +71,052 Mier 3,005 6,788 -3,783 Miguel Aleman 17,769 25,704 -7,935 Nuevo Laredo 384,033 310,915 +73,118 Reynosa 608,891 420,463 +188,428 Rio Bravo 118,259 104,229 +14,030 Valle Hermoso 63,170 58,573 +4,597

Major points:

Reynosa is by far the largest municipio in the state in terms of population, and the fastest growing as well. Matamoros (2nd largest) and Nuevo Laredo (3rd largest) also saw huge growth, making the border area the fastest growing in the state. The Matamoros/Reynosa metroplex is the most populated area of the state, more so than the state capital Victoria/Altamira/Tampico. The four of the municipios in the region that actually LOST population are among the hardest hit by the drug war and they TMre all across from Starr County. Ciudad Mier, the city under siege by the Zetas several months ago, lost MORE THAN HALF of its population since 2000.

Click here for a complete listing of Mexico's 2010 census results
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