Military takes over 22 police departments in Tamaulipas

The Mexican military has taken over police department in 22 cities across Tamaulipas.

The transition started on Wednesday and is expected to continue through the weekend.

Tamaulipas state officials reported that 22 out of the state's 43 municipalties are affected:

Nuevo Laredo Guerrero Miguel Alemn Mier Camargo Daz Ordaz Reynosa Ro Bravo Valle Hermoso Matamoros San Fernando Soto la Marina Abasolo Jimnez Hidalgo Padilla Victoria El Mante Gonzlez Altamira Tampico Madero

Soldiers from the Mexican army are expected to take over police duties while authorities get local police hired and certified.

The move was made to battle corruption and infiltration of police departments by drug trafficking organizations.

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