Missing Vietnam vet suffering from PTSD located at clinic

The search for 62-year-old Danny Daniel came to an end Saturday.

His family said he left his home on Monday and did not return.

"Apparently, he missed an appointment at the VA clinic and they called me on Tuesday and they asked me if I knew where he was or if I could get a hold of him," his sister Suzie Daniel said.

She used to live in the Valley, but moved to Freer.

Her brother Danny stayed behind and lives alone at a home in the Treasure Hills area in Harlingen.

Danny is a Vietnam veteran and was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.

He must take several medications to control it.

His neighbor noticed something was wrong so he called Suzie.

"He didn TMt come home Monday night and Tuesday morning he still wasn TMt home and the little dog was in the backyard, it was barking," she added.

Family filed a police report Thursday, but their anguish ended Saturday afternoon.

Danny called the neighbor to tell him he was at a VA hospital in Edinburg.

The neighbor called Suzie once again to tell her what he learned.

Suzie said she had the chance to speak briefly with Danny, but he wasn't coherent because of the medications he was under.

She does not know how he ended up in Edinburg, but said she is relieved he is safe.

"I was told that he TMs going to be kept at the clinic at least for several weeks," she added.

In the meantime, her neighbor will continue taking care of the dog, as doctors take care of Danny.

Anyone who would like to learn more about how to cope, or help someone suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder can visit the Veteran TMs Affairs website.

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