Landowner fighting to keep land threatened by border wall

    Landowner fighting to keep his land threatened by the border wall. (Source CBS 4 News)

    Several properties have been spared from the construction of the border wall along the Rio Grande, but one family which relies on the land for their daily living isn't in the clear.

    "It’s a different way of life, we are going to get use to that wall, it’s going to be an awful, awful thing," said Freddy Cavazos, who has lived his entire life along the Rio Grande in Mission.

    Freddy said other properties are in it for the money, but his family is in it for the land they were raised on.

    It's 70-acres of land dear to the family that has been passed down through their generations, which all started with his grandmother.

    He says it's an inheritance that has helped the family survive, all of the bills, light, gas and food is payed by the rent he collects from their tenants.

    Soon part of the Cavazos property could be split by a border wall.

    "Can you imagine a 30 foot wall," Freddy asked? "We are going to feel like we are in prison."

    The Cavazos property leases 29 lots along the river, Father Roy Snipes with La Lomita Chapel is one of them being used for Camp Keralum.

    Father Roy has leased this part of the property from the Cavazos family for at least 30 years.

    While La Lomita was spared from being surveyed by the government for the border wall the Cavazos family land was not.

    Freddy says that could change the way the camp organized.

    His property has been surveyed, all Freddy is waiting for now is the letter to solidify how much land the government wants and what they're willing to pay, which according to Freddy, is not much.

    Freddy said he will continue to fight against the border wall.

    According to the family's attorney, the next scheduled hearing for their property is in May where they will either accept or deny the governments monetary offer.

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