Mission Mayor concerned over border wall construction's impact on the city

    Mission Mayor, Dr. Armando O’cana, spoke to CBS 4 about his concerns with the national emergency declaration and border wall construction.

    Many miles of the border wall will be built along several cities right here in the Valley, one of those cities being Mission.

    As CBS 4 previously reported, there are many areas within the city that could be split by the wall and it is causing concern for many, including Mission Mayor Armando O’cana.

    Mayor O’cana says when he met with the President during his visit a few weeks ago, his biggest concern wasn’t an invasion along the border, but the city’s protection from the construction of the border wall.

    "I’m not even close even thinking about evacuating the City of Mission. The City of Mission is one of the safest places in the United States and even the world," says O’cana.

    O’cana adds that he is confused about the President's declaration, "I don’t know where the President of the United States is coming from that this area is a national emergency."

    When O’cana met with the President a few weeks ago, he says his message to him was short and concise.

    "Not to do a wall to wall from Brownsville to California," said O’cana.

    O’cana says he wants to protect certain areas from a wall like the La Lomita Chapel, Bentsen State Park and other sensitive areas within the city.

    On Thursday, congress passed a border security deal that would do just that-- but with a national emergency declared that could change.

    “We are totally against him using any kind of money whether it be emergency money, legislative money,” stated O’cana.

    The mayor worries that this national emergency declaration will give the city a bad reputation and keep people from up north, winter Texans, from the calling the Valley home.

    “Our winter Texans don’t want to come over here. First of all, he is declaring it as a crisis situation and the State Department has also declared Reynosa the same thing as Syria. So, people are beginning not to flock over here the way we use to have winter Texans flock over here and it is a direct impact to our economy," said O’cana.

    Mayor O’cana tells CBS 4 instead of the President trying to fund the border wall he should consider funding more ports of entries, such as the one the City of Mission is trying to build in the next few years.

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