Mission police department goes undercover to deter underage drinking

Thanks to a 15 thousand dollar grant, Mission police are cracking down on underage drinking and those selling to them.

Action 4's Erika Flores rode side by side with police on their undercover sting operation.

They visited 16 stores and those that broke the law, were arrested on the spot.

A 15 year old with his real ID was used as the decoy.

First the undercover officer enters the store to witness the buy, then the teen follows.

The first couple of stores comply with the law.

But 45 minutes into the operation, the cashier doesn't ask for ID.

Police confirm the person at the register is David Vasquez at Economy Drive In on 201 North Conway.

Mission police waste no time in arresting him.

The store's manager is called.

Then its lights out, doors locked and Vasquez is cuffed.

Vasquez told police he sold a TILT drink to the teen because he thought it was an energy drink, but it clearly states on the can that it contains alcohol.

Not too long after this arrest, a 19 year old is arrested for selling the teen a Bud Light.

The people working the cash registers have a great responsibility of making sure that they check the IDs and make sure the people they are selling the alcohol to are not minors, and we need to make sure that we don TMt allow the minors to get a hold of that alcohol, said Asst. Chief Martin Garza with Mission police.

Mission police hope these efforts against underage drinking will keep businesses on their toes and will make cashiers think twice before ringing up an alcoholic drink for an underage boy.

Marisol Rivera and David Vasquez are both facing charges for selling alcohol to a minor.

Their bonds were set at $1,000.

As for the stores where the purchases were made, they've been reported to TABC and could face a hefty fine.

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