Money Talks: The Mother of all Foreclosure Mistakes

Calling every day, trying to talk to somebody, trying to resolve it, trying to resolve it. Trying to tell my wife, it's going to be alright, it's going to be alright. And then it leads to I have to get an attorney to resolve my issues.

Hugo San Martin is a regular guy with an average home and a mortgage - one that he faithfully pays - on time, every month.

Imagine Hugo's surprise when one day while standing in his front yard he's served with foreclosure papers.

Martin says, " All I did was pay every month like I was supposed to and I got served with foreclosure papers. And the fact is they don't want to help you. They could have just answered one of my voice mails that I had left them...every day for 15 days straight."

Hugo was erroneously sued by one of the biggest and busiest foreclosure law firms in the nation: the law offices of David Stern.

When nobody at Stern's office would return his call, Hugo was forced to hire lawyer Jeff Golant to defend him: otherwise he could have lost his home.

Golant says, "They have an obligation - the law offices of David Stern - they're attorneys, officers of the court - they can't say they're too busy to check their facts before they try to take somebody's house away. And then, when you bring it their attention, and give them the courtesy of that warning, they still don't look into it. That's just inexcusable."

The false foreclosure was eventually resolved. But it took months - and major money. And now it's Hugo's turn - because now he's suing Stern.

I asked Stern's representative for an explanation of this case - like Hugo's calls, mine weren't returned either.

Hugo says, "Honestly, what does it take to resolve, you know, a simple issue. Why does it have to go all the way to the courts. Why do it have to resolve to get an attorney. Why can't it be, I give a call. You know what, we made a mistake, we're going to fix it, don't worry about it."

A lot more about the firm that messed up with Hugo San Martin in my next report. In the meantime, get more about the foreclosure mess right here at

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