More police patrols coming to Harlingen trails

    Residents can expect more police presence coming to Harlingen trails

    More police presence is coming to Harlingen trails, like McKelvey park. Parents said this is a good thing.

    "I guess it makes me feel a lot more comfortable with coming to the park, especially with my kids. I'm always conscious of my surroundings," said Harlingen Local Melissa Ramos.

    "This is a great American pastime to come outdoors with your families. We're encouraging everyone to continue to do that and just know your police department is close by," said Harlingen Police Department Commander Dave Osborne.

    According to Osborne, as a part of Safe Harlingen initiative, in the middle of February, HPD will be more active on park trails.

    "They'll be out here to provide any assistance to the public," he said. "Operation: Safe Trails actually has several officers working throughout different parts of the day. We will typically have our patrol vehicle out here when crowds are at the heaviest times."

    Commander Osborne explained that the department is looking into when trails are used most often to ensure that there is an officer on an ATV, providing safety and offering aid.

    "We have some medical equipment on board, some things to help out maybe a jogger, or walker or runner who may have fallen into some kind of medical need. Or anything that may come up, we're here to provide assistance," Osborne said.

    When medical emergencies to happen, Osborne urged the public to call 911 immediately if there isn't an officer around.

    Right now, this is just for McKelvey park. Harlingen PD will eventually expand to other trails in the city.

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