Mudslinging tossed aside--issues discussed

Both Representative Bobby Guerra and Miriam Martinez hope their visions for District 41 in Hidalgo County will earn the last remaining votes in the 2012 elections.

Both told Action 4 News that education is at the top of their list.

They said without it"jobs would be few and far between. "Education is really the key to the future of the Rio Grande Valley and Texas, Guerra said. The Valley can lead in the economic recovery--but we need to educate our youth and keep them healthy." Martinez said, "I have a plan for education that involves a school voucher program that gives parents a choice of where their children go to school. More accountability." Another major issue---healthcare. "I have a lot of plans with Medicare and Medicaid, Martinez started. What I tell people is that we're very unique...different from Austin, Dallas, San Antonio---we have different needs we have to protect people that are in these unique situations."

"Managed care hit us like a hurricane overnight, Guerra explained.

It's had a devastating effect on those receiving those services. Many aren't being compensated. We need to slow the train down and work through the process. We need to figure out the answers to those unknowns."

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