National article causing local controversy

A New York Times article is upsetting residents who say images within the article wrongfully depict the city of McAllen.

Images of McAllen in a New York Times article have upset some due to the way the city, and essentially the Valley as a whole, is portrayed.

The article, which includes five images of McAllen, covers President Trump's Thursday visit to the area.

While the pictures used are of actual locations in McAllen, some say the images do not represent the city.

McAllen Mayor Jim Darling, who refers to the photos as a disservice, says there are many facets of the Valley not shown in the images.

“Not only McAllen, but the whole Valley is booming and it really does a disservice to put those kind of pictures and depict us as that’s all we are,” states Mayor Darling.

He adds that there are a lot of sites that show just how much McAllen has grown, including the expansion of La Plaza Mall, new shopping centers, restaurants and entertainment.

Jeremy Sanchez, who is visiting the Valley from Corpus Christi, says the images don’t look like McAllen. He describes the Valley as a place that has grown and continues to get better.

“I wouldn’t even think that’s in the Valley. I would think that’s somewhere else,” says Sanchez. “You know its grown so much and they are making it better, that’s why we come visit,” Sanchez said.

To view the article and the images, click here.

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