No Water at La Grulla High School concerns parents

No water and no air conditioning this morning at La Grulla High School had parents heated up and demanding answers.

"It's real hot," said Magdelena Lopez, a concerned mother.

With temperatures normally hitting triple digits during the summer months, going to school without air conditioning or water can be excruciating.

"There's a lot of kids that get sick with dehydration," said Lopez.

For half the day, the school had no running water, and because the air conditioners run on water, students had to deal with hot rooms.

But student Samantha Sepulveda said the conditions weren't as bad as some parents made it out to be.

"It wasn't as bad as what it usually is outside," she said. "It was a lot cooler inside, so it wasn't really bad."

Pablo Martinez, the school's principal, said while the air conditioning was out and there was no running water, the school bused students to the elementary and middle schools to use the restroom and get some water.

"We were able to cool down the cafeteria a little bit, so that was the coolest building we had, so we sent everybody there," said Martinez.

Martinez said the school worked quickly sending for a water tanker and cooling down the rooms within three hours.

He said the reason why the school didn't have running water because there was a broken water pipe.

Martinez said the school is new and their water supplier, the Union Water Supply Corporation, is adjusting.

But Martinez said this isn't the first time they've had problems with the water.

Just a couple of days ago, the principal said the water pressure was too low, and as a result, the air conditioners didn't work properly.

Action 4 News contacted the Union Water Supply Corporation, who said they met with school officials about the issue.

Martinez said he would like parents to rest assure that the issue is being taken care of.

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