Ocean Tower Building Crashes Down

In less than one minute, the leaning tower of South Padre Island crashed down entirely following the largest implosion of a reinforced concrete structure in the world Sunday morning.

The implosion brought the structure down on its foundation, creating a billowing cloud of dust that spread throughout the surrounding area.

Hundreds of people gathered to the witness the 31 story, 55,000 ton building.

We did the right thing that we needed to do, Owner and Developer Antun Domit said. You do what you need to do and it was a great project, I wish this would not happen but it did happen.

Officials tell Action 4 News the debris will be cleared by March of 2010. Most of the concrete and steel will be used for public works to improve the access roads and parking areas along South Padre Island TMs beaches.

But the steel and concrete is not the only thing being recycled.

Interior design items that were going to be used for the luxury condos are also being resold just feet from the rubble.

Items like bathroom sinks and granite counters are available for reduced prices.

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