One of a kind exhibit visits the Rio Grande Valley

Dozens of instruments are brought to life as part of a one of a kind art exhibit you can only see in the Valley.

A one of a kind art exhibit you'll only see in the Valley, dozens of instruments brought to life by a tribe in Mexico.

Thousands of little beads, perfectly aligned, every single one with a significant meaning.

"Blue is the sky, the yellow is the sun," explains Emma Trejo, with Hermes Music.

Patterns created by the Wixarika community, an indigenous group from Jalisco, Mexico.

"They make textiles, drawings, jewelry a lot of stuff that has to do with art. We are just putting them on instruments because of course what we love because we love music," said Trejo.

Instruments owned by Hermes Music, Trejo said they have been working with the community for years.

In exchange for decorating their instruments, they have helped them continue with their traditional ways of life.

"We helped them stop the competition, between them and have a stable source of income," said Trejo.

But their art work is not for sale according to Trejo, "The instruments are not for sale because they are used to promote the art and that is why we give them away to famous people."

Given away to artists like Elton John and recent Super Bowl half time show artist, Maroon Five.

"Up close its just even more spectacular," said Anastasia Perez with the International Museum of Art & Science (IMAS).

Perez says this exhibit is one of a kind, "this is the first full on exhibition at a museum in the United States and we have the special privilege of this composition that was for this premier."

Perez says each individual instrument was played for the exhibits unique symphony.

Giving the community an opportunity to tune in to the art work and music made across international lines.

The exhibit will be up until June 30th, there will be a special workshop to see how one of the Wixarika community members fix and create their pieces.

For more information visit the IMAS website.

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