Organization: Some legally crossing border are interrogated for hours

A group gathered at Gateway International Bridge in Brownsville to ensure those entering the United States know their rights.

Thousands of people cross international ports of entry every day and many don TMt know their rights, according to the Rio Grande Valley Equal Voice Network.

The group is working to inform people about what they can do if they are mistreated both verbally or physically by a U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer.

Brooke Lyssy said she has heard multiple testimonials of people claiming they've been mistreated while crossing.

"Being made to wait, being interrogated, being questioned for several hours at a time in an aggressive way and sometimes for reasons that are unclear to the person being interrogated, Lyssy said. So, these are things that we'd like to see change."

Action 4 News contacted Customs and Border Protection about the issues raised.

They strive to act in professional manners during all their interactions with members of the community, according to a statement provided by Customs and Border Protection.

They encourage those crossing to contact an on duty supervisor immediately to express concerns.

The Equal Voice Network encourages anyone who feels he or she was mistreated by Customs and Border Protection to call: (888) 569-2009.

Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly spelled the name of a Border Rights Fellow with the Rio Grande Valley Equal Voice Network in Texas. She is Brooke Lyssy, not Brooke Lissy.

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