Over 100 protestors Occupy McAllen

The Occupy McAllen protest heard several calls for change Thursday.

"I would like to see us bring back the occupiers in Iraq and Afghanistan and give Medicare to all, said Carolyn Nieland.

"Once we get to the age of retirement, we can have the right to retire and not have to worry about whether we're going to have bread on our tables, said Jose Torres.

The most common call was for change in taxpayer funding for corporations.

"It's not fair that we should pay for their mistakes, when it wasn't our fault at all, said Baldemar Chavez.

Young and old marched the streets of McAllen Thursday.

The over 100 protestors said they want corporations that cashed in on government bailout money to know those dollars were misused.

They said the dollars could have helped 99-percent of Americans, a number they give to the lower and middle classes.

"I'm also taking a class at Pan Am, and it made it really obvious that we are the 99-percent, said Hannah Torres. The only reason that the one-percent has the power is because we let them."

Protestors now aim to take back that power, but they must first figure out how to do it.

Organizers said they will now work to determine what they hope to accomplish in McAllen.

They said they hope Thursday's protest is just one of many to come.

Any future plans will be posted on their web site at

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