Palmview Police Department launches new investigative unit

Following a 2-week long undercover operation, 2 people are behind bars and another 11 cited for illegal gambling.

Following a two-week-long undercover operation, two people are behind bars and another 11 have been cited for illegal gambling.

On Friday, Palmview police’s new Special Operations Unit cracked down on its first big raid on La Homa Road and West 45th Street.

The new police unit, which launched this month, focuses on going beyond just arrests and getting to the root of criminal activity in Palmview.

"They don't stop just with the arrest of the individuals," said Palmview police Chief Christopher Barrera. "For example, with the arrest of the 8-liner raid--we dig deeper into it, where it's actually starting from, who the owners of the establishment are, if there's narcotics, where are they coming from."

Barrera says the department sees a little bit of everything, ranging from illegal gambling to stash houses.

But, it was a murder case in October 2017 in where a man reportedly confessed to beating his girlfriend to death with a baseball bat that led to this special unit.

The Special Units Division is actively working four cases at the moment.

“Expect some arrests on those soon,” Barrera said.

The Special Investigations Department is working side by side with Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Drug Enforcement Administration, along with other agencies, pending each case.

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