Pharr gymnasium remains closed even after meeting compliance codes

The city of Pharr denied the Boys and Girls club use of agym because the gym was not under compliance. A year later, however, the gym isready for use but remains closed.

The City of Pharr has been prohibiting the Boys and Girls Club to use a gym because, according to the city, it was not under compliance.

Now, almost a year later, the gym is ready for use but remains closed.

Parents were concerned about their children playing outside during the hot summer months and are still concerned now during the winter months. They are asking the city to give them answer, saying they will now be filing a complaint with the District Attorney’s Office and the Texas Ethics Committee.

"My children say, why is it closed mom, everything is ready why don’t we have space if the space is there," said Patricia Ruiz

Ruiz’s three children attend the Boys and Girls Club of Pharr, she doesn’t know why city leaders continue to prohibit the kids the use of the gym after its been completed.

"Even now that it’s supposed to be finished it is still closed, really I don’t understand," said Ruiz.

In November, CBS 4 followed up with the gym closure, after the city stated it was not under compliance.

That day, Mayor Ambrosio Hernandez brought up the main contractor of the gym, were he stated the gym was fully completed and he had the certificate of occupancy.

Two months later, inspections, signed off by the Assistant Fire Marshal, say the gym is completed and in compliance, but the doors to the gym still remained locked.

“As you can see the children, over here on the playground have this perfectly beautiful building right here and it is not open yet,” said Fern McClaugherty, with the OWLS (Objective Watchers of the Legal System.)

McClaugherty has been on the forefront of the gym saga, she says now parents and organizations can’t speak up during city the meetings.

"Now they have the open forum at the very end of the meeting, after closed session after everyone has left, and then they have you go into another room and the public can’t even see what is going on," said McClaugherty.

Regardless of the politics, Ruiz says she just wants the gym to be open so the children who rely on this after school program can play.

"I think it’s not fair, because the space is there but oh well hopefully we resolve that," said Ruiz.

CBS4 reached out to Mayor Hernandez, on the opening of the Boys and Girls Club gym he says he will announce it at the State of the City at the Pharr Events Center on Thursday.

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