Photo Gallery: Day 4 of John Feit trial

92nd state District Judge Luis Singleterry swears in Brooks Egerton during John Bernard Feit's trial for the 1960 murder of Irene Garza Tuesday, December 5, 2017, at the Hidalgo County Courthouse in Edinburg. Egerton is a former reporter of the Dallas Morning News who interviewed Rev. Joseph O'Brien about Feit's involvement in the murder of Garza. (Nathan Lambrecht/The Monitor/Pool)

Day four of the John Feit trial has ended with the defense asking for a mistrial motion.

After the last witness took the stand Tuesday, the defense asked the court for a mistrial regarding something that Richard Sipe said during his testimony.

The court ruled before Richard Sipe’s testimony that the state was limited to questioning Sipe only on admissible evidence. Sipe, a former priest who deals with mental health problems of priests and their sexuality, used his expertise to identify some red flags in Feit.

During his testimony, Sipe said the word “polygraph”—which was not admissible.

Feit’s defense attorney, Rene Flores, immediately asked for a mistrial.

Prosecutors say the action was a harmless error.

The court allowed the state to submit papers on the mistrial motion, but a decision will not be made until Wednesday morning.

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