Plans for new Hidalgo County Courthouse on track

Hidalgo County is one step closer to constructing a new courthouse.

Hidalgo County is one step closer to constructing a new courthouse.

On Monday, county commissioners and representatives met with project manager Brian McIntyre for contract negotiations with construction company, Morganti Texas, Inc.

Parties worked out an understanding as to the cost of the construction project.

“We are ready to proceed,” said Hidalgo County Judge Ramon Garcia. “We are going to be accepting our schematic design plan on the courthouse and we are going to provide a notice to proceed on our design development plans.”

Garcia reiterated the county’s budget for the project —a total of $150 million — emphasizing their unwillingness to surpass that number.

Construction costs are estimated to be about $127 million. That does not include funding for court furnishings and courtroom equipment. Garcia says the parties have not yet reached a guaranteed maximum price, but assures the project funded by tax payers will not exceed the $150 million target.

“We have looked at these different factors and we feel very comfortable that this project will come under the 150 million,” said Garcia.

Parties will submit the contract proposal at the Hidalgo commissioner’s court hearing on Tuesday.

Garcia says construction will begin in late 2018, and the project will be completed in the next few years.

“It's a badly needed project,” said Garcia. “We are very glad we are going to get it off the ground and get it started."

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