Police officially identify Harlingen shooting victims

Police on Friday officially identified the victims of a shooting in Harlingen.

Police say Mario Galarza, 27, of Harlingen shot and killed his wife, identified as Yaredi Reyes Juarez, 27, of Harlingen.

Juarez's brother, 23-year-old Osvaldo Reyes, remains in stable condition at a local hospital.

In an exclusive phone interview with CBS 4 News, the victims' brother, Robert Reyes, details what happened that fatal night:

“All of a sudden, he just walks in the door and starts basically shooting at anyone he can. Everybody starts running everywhere. I saw my other brother, who got the gunshot wound in the throat, jump in— basically fighting him. That’s when I realized something was happening, ‘Oh, he’s going to hit her.' I go towards him, right when I’m going towards him, that’s when he pulls the gun up and starts shooting at my sister three times in the head."

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